Two main questions struck me yesterday at the Lido, (pronounced the correct, Italian way, otherwise title fails). Firstly, surely actual hate it too strong an emotion to direct at board shorts and their wearer, even if they are flapping about in the actual swimming lanes? It troubled me for lengths and lengths. Obviously its not reasonable, but then again patterned board shorts are so indicative of wrongness, semitoically damning of the wearer, strong resentment at least is the only way forward. This instance was particularly exasperated by a leg kick like a frantic can opener. Does this compulsion to judge make one shallow?

Its very interesting the personas that are in effect when denuded of normal garb. A new pool-based order is in place based on swimming ability, trunk/hat/googles select and behaviour. Tattoos and beards feature quite heavily, after all this is London Fields we're talking. The juxtaposition of such potent symbols of outsiderism with swimming hat or googles is interesting. Talking of behaviour, the second question was is it reasonable to consider chicken fillet deployment in ones Speedos now things are getting colder? By the time forty lengths are finished some additional ballast would be useful, at least till a cup of tea has kicked in.

Swimming seemed the only way to escape from the compound anxieties induced by attempted fee-knocking/evasion/failure-to-finish that was experiencing from clients/builders/self yesterday. It worked. Especially the post-swim tea based post-mortem of Lido leavers looks. I admit mine was pretty escapist in a way too. Purple/black suede Vuitton driving shoes, Moncler marl jobbers, grey CP hooded knit , cashmere flat cap and Sunspel bins. Well, you've gotta treat yourself on occasion, no?

Stubbs out.

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