Saw the Maison Martin Margiela H&M collaboration yesterday. Unsurprisingly its very good indeed, their collabs such as the ones with Marni and Versace always are. People go nuts for it. Its clever marketing and exciting stuff for the avid fashion consumer, bless em. This time it hits about 12 of their shops on 15th November. Before fundamentalist tailoring fans start having a go about the build, its made in the Far East, and is very affordable. Its also very limited, hence ensuing hysteria. Simply gotta love ensuing hysteria on the high street.

This coat is £150. I shan't do the gag about it'll be nice when its finished, that'd be awful. It is a really good piece, unfortunately as seen on Kanye early in the week. H&M had done their press room up like a MM boutique. The pert collection of clothes includes Margiela classic knit and tailoring and a number of even more directional pieces. Massive folk/Greenham Common knits is a snip at £70.

The hybrid blazer is a great piece for aspirational schizophrenics at a make-believe country club and costs £80. Wow, its like the shopping channel on here this morning.

Expect scenes of uncontrolled enthusiasm in a branch of H&M near me me soon. So, you didn't ask how my thing went. Pah!

Stubbs is now right out in The Metropolis.

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