Still dredging through 'work' on the LC:M piece... man am I dragging this one out. However, am in no doubt still about how enthused was with Orlebar Brown's (click) shop opening back in June during LC:Men. It's like Nike Town for shorts. Damn I love that brand. Managed to nab Mr Adam Brown and have banter about shorts, tailoring and other matters in his new gaff. Not sure if a particularly enthralling bit of video journalism, was under it with various at the time, however am a bit tied up in Wembley at the mo' so thought would stick it up regardless. Browns explanation of how the shorts were devised from tailoring is interesting.

The shop's as pert as are the Setter shorts. The new bits are good, the location a nice, handy one for The Row. Check it. This has now reminded me of something was pitching in the Summer. The Orlebar/Thom Sweeney collab. The Swim Suit is the signature T.S. three piece in the same dry handle fabric as the shorts, with same swimming/drying capabilities. It's £1,000 for the three pieces.

A niche product for sure, but can actually see how if you had one with you somewhere suitable you could drop all the bits into various beach/pool stances mixed up, no? Maybe go up to two bits when an occasion presented itself. Mr.Hare did some loafers to go with too. Shame didn't get it in the paper.

Or you could team the jacket and vest with a pair of shorts. Now that's a look that would drop. High Risk Red? You better believe it. Okay, fire at will...

Stubbs out.

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