Ties have characters and personal agendas too you know? Am researching a possible thesis on the subject. Fabric and cut are dead critical obviously, but then what they do once tied is a whole other tie-based story. Thus far, have gone back to one of my favourite tie guys, E.Tautz (click) for a starting point. How lovely is this linen/silk fella?

When tied this one appears to reveal something about "not having a chance to factor Whitehall into his major asset acquisition schemes as yet this morning.." all in knot form. Fascinating and surprising stuff, no?

Wont even start to tell you what the wool/silk operator below does when fastened. Quite remarkable. Talk about Alpha, this lunatic is taking over the laboratory. The fact that they're three ply seems to have a bearing on matters.

Amazing, handsome and sophisticated ties all of them, regardless of the hidden characters within. E.Tautz ties remain firm favourites with me. But I shall look into more and test their traits also.

Will get back to you as the thesis takes shape, yah?

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.