Saw Paul Smith's mainline SS2013 early on Wednesday evening. A lively tailored interlude in a day that found self largely running about like a pillock in Donegal. The robust and superior cheese board was decisively out-shone/out-flavoured by the band of colourfully suited mannequins, styled in readiness for sartorial performance against the wall. One saw accents of Anthony Price rock-glamour in the look, but also with covered buttons and leaf shaped swollen lapels, vivid fabrics and short jackets, something of an avante garde Mod beat combo about them too.

The construction was interesting with Smithy showing his working under lapels etc. Then the charming Hazel who handles Smithys PR with a deft touch, pointed out the shirt collars and things got curiouser and curiouser.

The outer edge of the collar is neatly incorporated in the front panel of the shirt. Don't recall seeing such a feature before. Its quite clever detail without be daft or spoiling the impact of the collar shape, don't ya think? Particularly like the way the closed collar points inwards around the tie. I wonder how they actually perform. Worth a test drive perhaps? "Lets roll the dice, in the fools paradise.."

Very much enjoying the low notch on the double breasted numbers. Also the pegs or pleated narrow pants that come with. These fellas equate to cocktail suit or evening dress scenarios for most men one has to imagine. Unless you actually are in a stylish band, then they could be written off as work garb. Although the idea of wearing one on a Wednesday afternoon waiting for a No.9 to Mayfair appeals strongly, evening to an ageing style merchant such as me. "..share moonlight nights, breathing nothing but lies"

Shame old Smudger doesn't show at LC:M. Or is he down for a turn in the winter one? Must check. Am compelled to talk about my super-efficient Oyster propelled journey from Paul Smith Covent Garden HQ to Rubinacci's home up on Mount Street, but surely tales of No.9 buses, Buschecker* and Montecristos on route (masters) seem a touch mundane in comparison to the suits, so I shan't even mention. More of the family Rubi' later in the week. Take it away Terry..

Stubbs out.

NB. Requested details on fabric and influences which shall insert upon arrival as it if was always there. Wish could do same with Barnet Fair..

* best London based ap' bar none.

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