My Asics Piranha SP4s arrived in the post, so very light that when I signed for them an additional charge to pay for postage was due from the GPO to me. They're super light and so nimbley cut they take your foot down a size on the visuals (see Speedo/fillet comment from yesterday). White suede is most practical at this time or year, as long as you stay in your kitchen while wearing them. I won't run in them for sure. I don't think they'll be going outside until April. Still, changing the accent of my morning right now.

You wouldn't believe how they got here, so I won't bang on about it, but all I will say is am very grateful to Style Merchant Brown from the North West contingent. Nothing beats crisp, fresh, new runners, especially when they're as odd as this. Look at this guy. Mesh and suede background, Piranha Fish markings and tooth motifs, gold/black stripes on white and striped laces. Good laces can make a white shoe like this. Lord have mercy, white light had it goodness  knows. They are extremely light. These plus Speedos and I'd be a happy guy. Probably an arrested one, but happy.

Stubbs out.

Mo? Fellas? Take it...

PS. Lou is singing about running trainers.

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