Press days anyone? Like work, except no-one pays you. Essentially luxury Job-Seekers allowance without the Giro. Anyway, moments like the one I had at Hermes make it all so thoroughly worthwhile. Below is of course an horse's ear muffler/warmer with mail fringe. I'd say it's a stocking filler-must for all luxury stable boys this Christmas.

Other highs included the specially printed new ties. A series of 8 limited edition numbers with little sporty/leisure activities depicted on the back by the label. This one is about an office party.

Back to directly equestrian stuff, this is one of the original saddle bags they made for actually lugging saddles about. These two products together remind me though to mention not to drink at the festive period then ride your horse home. That'd be taking luxury and hedonism in the wrong direction.

If you find self slightly lagging during work/office party, simply park horse near a park, slip your saddle into this bag and jump in a cab. Do not call horse version of ScooterMan, it works out like proper High-Way robbery.  I notice Hermes didn't do any new Oyster card holders. Shame. Despite that, it's a clear message of sensibly consumed luxury from the esteemed French house. More as and when it happens.

Stubbs out

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