Some developments. All been happening down between Southwark and London Bridges, walking between building sites, railway arches and terrace streets, meeting editors, tailors, art directors, and a spot of tapas. Liking it down there. So its back to the Rake on Leather Market Street. The phrase back to the Rake reminds me of Tart Tart by The Mondays. "When I came out of the FT, I said I'm working for something better, And I made a shock announcement, and backed off, backed down, backed off..".

Massive lapels, massive weave -Jack Nicholson in The Two Jakes

Told you I'd come back to this texture thing. Found this from The Two Jakes- the size of the lapels is mental. It's set in 1948, but had no idea they got so big and the notches so low. Could have called the post Jake Jake, but didn't. However its the fabric that grabs my attention after what been banging on about earlier in week. It really is like something you might use to cover a partition wall or something. Then saw more spot-on textured, constructed sort of fabrics for SS13. Was back to the Rake to collect a little two piece ensemble I've had made up in wool/silk herringbone. Here found these two jackets in the topical open weaves.

Both these guys are in fanciable fabrications, right on the money for SS13. Wool and silk and wool-silk-linen.

Gonna shoot some images of the new herringbone number by Rake when I get a mo'. Bear with me and have a listen to Shaun and the gang while I do. " its back to the womb.."

Stubbs out.

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