Okay, funk pocket squares, get your double-breasts out and stance. Have just thoroughly reviewed Milan men's SS 13 shows (and finally filed), and can officially reveal that double-breasted is properly ubique. Or ubiquitous as non-latin speakers prefer to call it. Ominpresente if you'd rather Italian.


This striped affair was inspired by classic tie material according to Gucci's creative director Frida Giannini. Am a fan. There's a spotted one too, also fanciable. Thing is, have found quite a neat little collection of stripe D.B.s to post. Will do ya a different themed D.B. triptych tomorrow, perhaps.


Was keen on what Canali did. They almost deserve their own post. Almost. Fifties/Sixties Hollywood was their inspiration. The hats throughout made quite an impact. Somewhere between The Two Jakes and Gaff out of Bladerunner. Liked it a lot.


Shame about the Claire Rayners* in the one above, but the creatives were channelling the sportiness of L.A. Why the funk would an Italian house look to modern day American for sartorial guidance I cannot imagine.

Stubbs out.

* Trainers.

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