Bowling around town yesterday, ignoring the cold, visits included JM Weston on Jermyn and Thom Sweeney, favourite style destinations both. Took Matey-off-the-Telly to Sweeney for last fitting for new killer graphite grey mohair three piece. It is a killer. Meanwhile, it seems polo necks might be a bit of a story, no? Sweeney on left, O'Leary on right, Savile in the middle. What do you reckon? Must have been the sheepskin that brought the Jimmy on.

Details became the focus of my pictorial day, polo-photo-neck-opportunities aside. This is how the Thom Sweeney boys fashion their pocket stances. Squared off and manly, but not stingy or with any trepidation. Let's call it Bold Square, shall we? Or perhaps Pocket Wad?

They showed me these: Matt mother of pearl buttons made for them by Bottonficio Fenili. Sounds like might be Italian, will investigate. How lovely are these little guys?

Further critical decisions of the day included what two-tone arrangement of leather and suede should one go for for one's new JM Weston order. This is the wingtip boot in co-respondent form that have been in love with since first saw in 2005 in cafe-creme sort of colour scheme. Bought them for a client, put them in my Sunday Times Style column, Talking Trousers, yet failed to acquire them myself. Two-tone double drat. Now I plan to satiate this deeply rooted desire. What colour scheme though. Choice is everything in the made to order scene, don't ya know?

Was thinking burgundy suede and grey leather, with the dark grey on toes heel and lace bit. Now not so sure might be too, too jarring. The charming French girls Marion and Anais who work for Weston are remarkably knowledgable and are excellent counsel on these matters. The jury is still out on this one.

Am also considering grey on grey. Gotta think what plan to drop these fellas with. No time to think now. As ever, the real world leans in and leers at my leather musings, pouring whole glasses of anxiety over my suede co-respondent mood tablecloths, generally knocking things over without apology.

Listening to Brian however is helping the creativity and relieving the angst. Thanks for that Bri'. Here comes the warm necks.

Stubbs out, Eno on..

PS. Baby's On Fire is more exciting than Here Come The Warm Jets, but you're okay with that, right baby?

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