No time to banter, but this is what we were up to yesterday in Lower Clapton. Shooting Tinie Tempah for GQ best dressed list.  JW made the garage that the Mercedes SLS is emerging from what looked like an 'Urban Bat-Cave'. Its double good. Not showing you the final shots just yet. That would be unfair on the GQ. This is just a couple of snaps from the making of as it were. We had ourselves a smoke machine and everything.

We shot out the garage door on the side of Mark II studios, not far from Lower Clapton Road. This is essentially our home ground. Despite that, the assembled crowd were tricky to please at first. They warmed up a bit, unlike the talent who remained cold. Having been to see Mr.Tempah and his people before, discussed the plan, made the alterations and all that, have to say things went extremely smoothly. It was freezing, Tinie never mentioned that once. He and his crew were a dream to work with. This is rare.

For this shot put Mr.Tempah in the heavily tortoise shell patterned Tom Ford bins, don't have a version to show, but hopefully JW is gonna furnish me with a shot of that too.

Stubbs out.

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