Word for the morning is hidebound. My mum just used it regarding certain coffee based habits in the morning. Can't think what she's talking about. Meanwhile prepping a couple of looks for this little job am doing with JW. Thinking about these 'Wilde' guys in Toffee by Mr.Hare (click) to go with a little Gucci suit that showed ya earlier this week. The Wildes are from the AW12 collection (click). Not normally into a non-leather sole a smart shoe, but works in this instance. Hidebound? Pah! Might have another coffee.

Gonna shoot a little popular-music fella with a very flash sports car sticking out of a less-than-flash garage in the Lower Clapton manor. Classic flash/grime fusion. What could be more straight forward?

Gucci SS13

Liking very much idea of scarf tucked into suit with open neck shirt- playboy style you might call it. Would work for me if it concealed shirt. Could go for no shirt. Keen to harness this move. Nothing hidebound about that, no? Just mentioned it to Ma', and she reckons I was going round doing it myself about a year ago. She added she's not sure she even liked it. This is the sort of thing been up against all my life. Earlier in the week she was claiming she does frugal. Austerity maybe, but frugal? Christ.


Hidebound: Narrow and rigid in opinion. How dare she.

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