So, Ieri, Oggi, Domani, (or Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow) is in fact three separate comedic and sexually driven stories all starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. The first one, Ieri, is set in Naples and is about the characters Adelina and Carmine's struggle against debt collectors and the law. Adelina repeatedly gets pregnant to avoid getting banged-up in prison, ironically, as Italian law states that a woman can't be sent down during and six months after pregnancy. The look of these films is amazing, with rich, warm colours and tone unique to late Fifties early Sixties European cinema. Loren looks stunning and basically wields power over/pulls every man she comes in contact with. Meanwhile Marcello, although tired, drops some pretty serious Neapolitan smart-casual stances while holding his end up. Talking of Neapolitan smart-casual, Rubinacci just opened their Il Club thing downstairs on in Mount Street. They're taking constructed casual underground.

Il Club is a new space for considering luxury sartorial matters conceived for Rubinacci's special loyal and most creative customers. You know who you are, you special/creative ones. They can come downstairs in the newly decorated and enlarged space, have coffee and look at amazing vintage fabrics like these that the family Rubinacci have been gathering for decades. This herringbone is utterly amazing, has linen in it and I'd love to get a suit made from it despite it being a coat heavy fabric.

The green room at Il Club downstairs at Rubinacci's on Mount Street.

No post on Rubi' would be complete without a shot of Luca. Here he is, next to an old, famous Neapolitan alcoholic actor whose name I forget. Even he appears to swoon in the presence of Luca, or is he just lighting a flipper?

The fabrics on offer are pretty amazing, as is the Rubinacci tailoring ethos. Deserves a whole feature on it as a matter of fact. The ready to wear is looking good, particularly the big overcoats, see below, there's new womens stuff, which shan't go into, and there was one other pressing issue to mention.

I interviewed Chiara, Luca and Mariano. The stories are all different and all interesting- much like De Sica's film. Will get back on both, must dash, ciao-mans.

Stubbs out.

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