Get sent quite a volume of bad styling suggestions by people. Ignore most. This firm approached one of my clients who passed it on to me. Is quite mean of me to feature then card off, but then again, surely none of Style&Error's readers would consider a pre-folded, cardboard mounted pocket 'handky', would they?

Quad-fold cornet 'Mayfair' Handkz in elegant white

Too, too busy too, but simply had to mention these contrivances, especially as have promised/threatened to do pocket square showcase on here. This is quite an amusing starting point, no? They're double naff, but they aren't even cheap. This Mayfair fella is £30. Nuts, eh? You could get a quality, unfolded one for less. Folded and mounted onto card! Why not get it laminated and have done? This one channels Dick Whittington's first day at the technical drawing evening class.

From the aptly named 'Belgravia' collection.

Was reminded of reader Rups's mention of folding serviettes as at ladies luncheon by the one below, such intricate work. I get up to some little creations sometimes when doing the Matey Off The Telly's ones, but that's 'cause have got hours to do it, an ironing board and endless espressos/canteen desserts to fuel my obsession.  I do try not to do stuff that looks poncy. Two boxes of squares collected over many years is rather handy for getting the look right. Still, maybe I'm as bad, with iron and pins and so called 'tit-tape'. We are on Telly though. I've invented a couple and am developing more. Might do for my column in FT HTSI next year. Did I mention that I'd got one?

From the prestigious multi-peaked Wedding collection in striking regal purple.

The company being disciplined is called Handkz.Com (click), and can't almost cut them some slack as they've got such a rubbish name. Maybe they're laughing too. Note. Laughter can be very attractive to women, and perhaps it could garner you a worthy bride if you kept this level of elegance up. Who wouldn't want to marry the man with this Milk Tray triffid sticking out of the breast of his Moss Bros., hmm? It's very pompous and snobbish to laugh at these, but then that's a metaphor for style itself: Those that know/that have, laughing at those that don't for getting it wrong. Am I right? Fire at will men. It's a horrid, spiteful world out there, and pocket square spite is just the beginning.  Everyone is looking for 'a tell', that you're not the real deal. What's yours?

I'm holding my hands up for doing a bit of Womens Institute origami orchid the other day. In my defence it was 'An American' (a style of deployment), that went off almost too, too well, and was only for a still. That doesn't change the fact that wearing a pre-folded pocket square is tantamount to wearing pre-tied ties or driving pretend vintage cars, or worse (can't even think of similar at mo'). For such a heinous lack of verve, get a red card from the Style Referee. Early bath.

Anyway, all that aside, let's have a heated handky debate*.

Stubbs out.

* at some point soon.