Aside from celebrity TV glamour-butlering over the weekend, was trying to write a show report. Again. Mainly in the back of Addi-Lees. In many ways I flopped again, spending too, too much time on Trussardi and Dolce then stopping at Wembley. Twice. Really need to move on to achieve that whole actual report thing, not just a personal fascination. Still, fascinated is a good starting point, no? Loved the Trussardi show and the greyhounds. Designer Umit Benan Sahin (B-Umit to pals/industry insiders) is really going somewhere with this stuff....B-B-B Umit!

Trussardi SS2013

Also Trussardi SS2013

This whole story is inspired by a trip up The Tyrrhenian coast from the Trussardi family home to the beach. Now I come to think of it, it's rather like how the Stubbs family dressed in the Seventies on trips between Keynsham and St. Ives. We had a Golden Retriever and a Ford Anglia, but Don at least liked a Safari suit on occasion. They're gonna happen in some areas I reckon. Not worked out how, but they are.

Safari Trussardi SS13

The one I saw for Chucs Mountain and Dive shop (click) at their press day almost proves this. But I know what you're like, and I know you'll want more evidence. Leave it with me.

Meanwhile, back in Wembley, we were working on our silk arrangements.

Appear to still be stuck in Trussardi SS13

This is a new arrangement been working on. Lanvin tie and pocket square that don't match but are in same colour way. Worried might be too, too close to be chic. Know what I mean? Let ya know when the reports come back from the lab on this one. Note new graphite grey Thom Sweeney three piece unusually with peak lapel and Emmett 'Carlton' collar shirt. Also new. Who says nothing happens in this sort of mens style theatre? Pah! Thats three new things in less than two sentences. What's happened to the Dolce in this post, I hear you ask? The custard teapot should cover it for now.

This is essential for the flurry of CBDs* that go down on the weekend at Wembley central. Told you it was glamorous in Wembley.

Stubbs out.

* Custard Based Deserts.

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