Been out and about again, all week. Too, too much style observed to divulge right now. Two particularly striking styles of shoe from Bally's Scribe range do stick out for me however. The Scribe line of Goodyear-welted, made to order shoes seems very good indeed. Goodyear can feel clumpy in a luxury shoe scenario. Bally have kept these balanced and proportioned enough to function with the extra thickness and remain elegant though. The colour schemes of croc and 'velucalf' suede are particularly fetching, non? My taste in shoes has been noted as rather Nigerian, I explained to Mr.Fidler when I saw him in Bond Street, hence my pictorial choice of rich coloured croc and suede Oxfords.

Scribe is pronounced in a French manner as it comes from the Parisian Hotel of same name, he explained. The grandson of the founder of Bally was rather taken by the place and took the name for the premium line of shoes. Never mind the descendants, it's all about the design team at Bally right now. Creative Directors Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz have certainly taken Bally to a new level of desirability and luxury coherence in their 2 year/nearly 4 season tenure. It's all on the up, globally, and you don't hear that too often at the mo', right?

I met Fidler in Bond Street on Wednesday and he talked me through all the developments there, particularly in the leather department. They've got a new guy. His name is Remo. He's leather connected and if the choice of materials and hand painted finishes are anything to go by, it's to all the right tanneries. As Bally own all their own factories they can turn a pair of custom shoes round in 8 weeks, which seems rather swift to me compared to normal shoe making times. Seemed churlish not to put the system to the test. I've got quite a flamboyant style merchants' luncheon to attend in exactly 8.5 weeks, so dropped an order.

Will elaborate later. Technically on triple dead-line, but so, so deep in double-denial just had to show and tell these exotic shoes.

Stubbs out.

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