Good morning and Happy Christmas fellow style disciples. You can almost see the sky in Keynsham this morning. Thank Christ for that. Something a trifle festive would not go a miss as a post on S&E after sporadic complaints about the weather, so I offer you Bing & Dave singing. Hope you find suitable. 'Suit or a nice bit of knitwear for Christmas day?', is one question this video begs. Knit seems more suitable, but overdressing is nice gesture while at my Mums. Gonna run then call it. Mum does like a suit turn-out, although she thinks it might be 'a bit close today for that'. Her gaff looks properly festive, regaled appropriately. Sir Percival's yard is done out nicely too, no? Other style points from D&Bs duet include the contemporary button styling of Bings Slazenger cardie and Dave's rich blue suit and open neck jewellery revealing shirt arrangement. That gold cross on shortish chain appeared in other videos that year. Note also that as punk raged, this was made in 1977, Dave was pushing a quasi mullet. Heroes was this year too. Same cross. Almost the same Mullet. Take your pick which one gets you going this morning.

Am of looking for truth running alongside the banks of a flooded river. As ever, take it away Dave.

Happy Christmas.

Stubbs out.

PS. Reading material/inspiration for the day will largely be from 'BOWIE' , Album by Album, a new book by Paolo Hewitt I was sensitively gifted by someone brilliant&special.

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