The thing is, the Prada shoes were dead nice, despite detractors, before the rain incident last week. Things aren't looking good on rehab front for those guys. They're now rain damaged two-tone Oxfords. The rain kept up its misera-vigil. It shouldn't able to spoil things quite like it does, but it does. Was forced into my only elegant waterproof footwear on Thursday as a result. My Sergio Rossi riding boots. I started this blog years ago with a question about these. The answer has remained pretty much the same. They didn't go down well, but then again in seven hours of Christmas retail I wasn't looking to garner admiration. A wide berth would suffice, and that's what I got, particularly in the doll department of Hamleys.

Interesting that despite biker, hiking and combat boots being fine in certain scenarios, on certain men, it appears riding boots almost never are. Shame, cos I love 'em. The Eubank/Llewelyn Bowen factor is too, too strong it seems. Dragged an old riding-looking Bally coat out of the cellar. Also some biscuit coloured Acne pants that dont like on normal circumstances, but as Jodhpurs they're ideal.

As we know, context is vital in mens style. Striding through the rain, on the Downs, in the dark in this Flashman-esque get up is somehow fine, in my head at least. Standing in the bright retail glare of Uniqlo looking at Orla Kiely heat-tech underwear, less so. After the Prada damage last week, am remaining stoic footwear-wise, and not wearing anything not suitable in the rain, even if that mean riding boots remain in the mix. There is another way of course. The John Lobb 'Swims' (click) rubber over-shoes that function like shoe galoshes/rain condoms.

Not got any, but am considering an investment. Its that or risk a Eubank back-lash in Clapton, and that I do not fancy handling, frankly. So ends the sermon. Have a stylish, silly and elegant Yule.

Stubbs out of The Metropolis.

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