Bow ties I saw is surely not editorial? These are all from Lanvin. Bought two, not exactly like these fellas on display in the shop shown below. Second one down on the croc background is the new guy to my armoury. Likey?

Not as louche or flamboyant as the ones , but still rather chic. Lanvin seem to do these best. I also visited Ralph (sold out), Hermes (covered in little H's), Drakes (were nice), and a few other gaffs within mincing distance of Clifford St. parking space No.8888 (the main one opposite LV-also sold out).

Funny that places are running out of Bow ties. There's been a run on them it would  seem. At Ralph, they didn't want me to take pictures. Took late boys. Look at these vintage links and studs. Not even sure what made out of, but do like. Lacquer? Likey?

More later, my Addisons awaits...

Stubbs out in The Metropolis.

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