Went to the GQ Christmas dinner yesterday. Surprised to find 'self on top table between Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, AKA Minster for louche, and Tracey Emin. Emin's speeches are a well known surreal fixture of the revelry. I somehow managed to get a mention in her address. Firstly for asking her if I should extract the Christmas cracker based glitter splinters that were in her hair before she took the mic, not realising was in fact wearing a glitter moustache myself. Could happen to anyone in this scenario, surely.

Tommy Nutter in longer length on Regent.

Second mention was for banging on about Edward Sexton being the tailor who did Mick&Bianca, The Beatles, Twiggy, et al. She correctly pointed out that it was Tommy Nutter. I swiftly corrected myself, asserting that Edward was indeed the cutter and business partner of Tommy, but it was all too, too late for the story. Hash tag massive historical tailoring  based fluff. Mugged off in a very public way. Ed got some stick too, but not on his specialist subject. Bloody YBA mis-reporting. Haven't they heard about Leveson?


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