Yesterday in the Mount Street, Mayfair laboratorio of style (click) Luca Rubinacci was helping me out with some fabric and sports jacket research for an article. Before we got down with the bolts and bunches, Luca showed me this cashmere camel coat he'd just had made. He asked what it reminded me of.

The word iconic is sickeningly overused, but if there was a contemporary iconic camel coat style, it could be this one. Probably a bit easy to guess, but was still quite glad when managed it first time, particularly after Wednesdays Emin/Nutter-gaff. Luca was pleased too, shook my hand and explained what he liked about it. While not particularly original, it is a beautiful coat. It's light, and gently comes in at the waist in a voguish manner. The back has a fixed belt and pleats sewn into it, both Rubinacci additions to the original from the Italian master of modernist tailoring*.

Down to business and it became apparent you'll not find a better man to extoll the virtues of a sports jacket with a bit of texture or pattern than Mr.Luca. No you won't. Fabric wise the man's a connoisseur of the highest order too. Will post a bit of Luca sports coat/fabric action, but not now. I can't. Best if you clear off and do a spot of festive shopping perhaps, no? It's three-for-two on cufflinks at Hector Powell I note.

Stubbs out.

* Clue: Rhymes with salami.

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