Evening style mentalists. First day at London Collections: Men and I found John Smedleys new 'Imperial Kashmir' line very exciting. Call me the stay at home type, but I really fancied a bit of that gear, out June, (the knitwear that is, not me). Not only is it in the 'melange', silver grey marl effect knit style, but it has a new luxe composition. No longer is it pony old Merino wool and cashmere. Now its 70% cashmere 30% silk. Nice comp' John. The long-Johns are particularly good. Vintage skiing style was inspiring them elsewhere in collection, apparently. There was other snow based equipment in the mix yesterday at LC:M.

Bally's presentation was all about the Everest expedition of 60 years ago. Was it 60 years? Not sure I'm bothered about the dates style wise as it goes. These boots should make all the difference though, no?

Topman designs show was very good. Again. Based on light colours for serious winter outdoor equipment, the outerwear was convincingly substantial. If this catches on, there will be less spare room on London transport, nay the pavements next winter. I love a cinch. I think I pioneered them as it goes. Years ago mind. Sixty or so.

Not sure I saw too, too much that related to strongly or fancied yesterday. Hackett down the crypt in St.Pauls was a the spectacle of the day for British menswear I suppose.

Hackett was good and the crypt under St.Pauls was interesting and hot. There were some other noteworthy things too, but can't find it in myself to bang on. Going for a run on the cold Downs. Maybe that'll liven things up.

Stubbs out in the frozen (emotionally) Metropolis

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