So was chatting to the Treasury Office on Friday, yeah, about what look Osborne was gonna team with his scarlet red leather case on Budget Day in March, right? The new one looks so tricky to team with an ensemble compared to the battered old brick red number from 1860. The Gladstone Box, as it's known. George made that one redundant in favour of a new one. Oddly the Treasury wouldn't tell me very much. Not even what beverage he was going to take into the Commons with him, according to his constitutional right. Not surprising really, but thought would chance it.

George Osborne- back in the day.

Did find this picture of a younger Osborne, probably living it up at the notorious Bulimiadon Club or similar. Nice little vest George, like it. No so sure about blue tie, but maybe it worked on the day. Looks quite rakish in the face and hair department back then, no?

Gonna get my head down and go to some shows. Its London Collections:Men today for heaven's sake. Haven't you heard? News from there when I get half a mo'.

Stubbs is right out in The Metropolis.

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