Have I ever mentioned my love of co-respondent shoes? Didn't think so. We should talk more often you know. The Decree Nisi doesn't stipulate we shouldn't. Regardless of legal matters, do love a bit of two-tone action, particularly when functioning at this level. Berluti's new numbers are pretty rude, don-cha think?

Waiting for the breakdown on the materials and build while labouring over my new project. It's all about co-respondent and two-tone footwear action. You know the co-respondent story, surely? Shame divorce styling, right.

Enough about that, for now. Fancy a rock-stead cherry-picked drip-feed of top-end co-respondent action? Maybe a bit of curve-ball tone-tone too? Well stay tuned shoe-fanciers. Meanwhile, Stupid Marriage fits the subject best, but just look at the two-tone flex in Message. Take it away boys, Rico...

Naked woman, naked man, where do you get that nice sun tan?

Stubbs out.

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