Afternoon all Sartorial-Loonies. Overcoat scene in Milan was a strong one for sure: the Canali show was rather good. Liked the fabrics, the cut, much of the styling and especially this overcoat. More Canali capers later.

Brioni's boys in glass boxes made for interesting viewing. Robe shouldering at this house as standard. This one fainted shortly after his plea for assistance. It was like the death of Spock with cashmere and fur trim.

This one survived, also at Brioni. Bless. Actually achieving shoulder clearance on those peaks. Watch your heads men.

Did a Burberry, re-see? Puffy finish on camel collar/lapels and massive buttons. Steady the buffs Christopher, we're working with you.

Always like it when Missoni do their rare tailoring slant style in a collection. Subtle yet rich and vintage look luxury. More of this too. Poor Missoni family persevered despite the awful time they're going through. Wish them strength.

There are loads more to consider. Absolutely loads. But simply must do some actual work work. Know what I mean?

Stubbs out.

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