More co-res' action for your habit, shoe base-heads. Was supposed to get on a plane to Geneva yesterday. Snow scuppered that one. Might be leaving later. Let ya know. This guy you've seen before, the Edward Green Canterbury brogue in 'Cloud'. Pretty special shoe made from burnished young calf leather. Looks like a mahogany bronze compound, no? Simply love Cloudy.

These fellas are by Barker Black from New York. Met them out there last year. Remember Derrick Miller's Style Stance anyone? The green suede and leather numbers are tres fetching.

Then there's this robust guy from Ferragamo. Do we like it? I actually think its quite artful, and earns its place in prestige co-res world. Lets allow it for now. I'ts bloody snow shoes that are required, never mind chunky two-tone brogues.

As I've been writing this another departure has been cancelled. I've never asked such boring things on Twitter as today/yesterday. Probably lost followers hand over fist. Yet another cause for anxiety. Better but the kettle on while I can still drink tea. Sham divorce anyone while I've still got the right shoes on?

Stubbs out.