Is bowling a sport? What I really wanna talk about is last night's bowling, but the shoe related images that go with are too, too awful. Clown's plimsolls, not even bowling shoes. I've never worn such an ugly shoe in my life. At best they were Elton in his Seventies prime: Spectator Sneakers almost. What happened to little Mod-ish bowling shoes? Planned whole look to work with those. Meanwhile, I also want to talk about sports jacket style. Have I run this Berluti shot before? I can't find it, or remember if I have. Did I say Berluti was looking good before?

Berluti SS13 handwoven silk/linen sports jacket.

Excuse me if repeating, it's an age thing. Having written about sports jacket positives quite a bit, I don't wear them. This I must remedy. Even my Mum has started banging on I should be wearing one. Mary is right, so am gonna get cracking on the sports jacket scene. Meanwhile, is bowling a sport, and if so should you wear a sports jacket like this while doing it? In the horror-clown shoes it hardly matters.

Rake SS13 Madras check sports jacket

If it's not a sport I picked up quite a lot of injuries for a pastime. Double finger wrench with first bowl- proper school boy error. Solicited 'have you held a bowling ball' advice from two potential Alpha bowlers. Then there was the reverso-delivery attempt in which I quite sharply tweaked my Achilles tendon with a ball. Don't ask. I also fell over trying high velocity delivery as seen deployed by a technician testing the lane. Quite bad. I also won. Have that. Two rounds, twelve people. Won the first. Two fingers to the would-be Alphas. Ouch! Not those two. After victory one, thought, right really gonna try for the second. Whole thing went to shit. Sports psychology is odd. So is sports prosecco. Still, I'll take the first triumph. The shoes however, I simply cannot be a sport about.

Stubbs out.

My clown shoe shame.

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