Afternoon restless style merchants everywhere. Commuted from Geneva to The Dome yesterday, also known at the 'Pregnant Trampet'. Things are double good this week, but no time to stop and think, having to keep up with writing and such while in transit. Travelling to work can be a drag, but via cable car my work ethic was uplifted. For once a travel decision this week was an innovative and correct one. Pretty stealthy stuff. The 10kilo carry-on only luggage on way out, less so.

Okay commuter.

From three days at the SIHH 'watch luxury leisure park' was then transported to working on a TV Awards do broadcast from the plump Trampet last night. Peculiar, inelegant place that. Great getting there by cable though I have to say. Almost the highlight of my working day.

Does my Trampet look big in this?

The real pinnacle of events was however meeting the charming Una Stubbs. More from the cultural Hades that is the National TV Awards later. Actually no. No more, as peculiar and inelegant where taken to new levels, but I will say Matey off the box was on form last night.

Two for one at Tom Ford this week.

Have a shufty at British TV classic 'Till Death Do Us Part' with Una as Rita Garnet. The shots of the beginning are very similar to what I saw yesterday. There's a link for you. Did I mention I was busy, yeah? Nearly found self watching a whole bleedin' episode. "Hark at Beau Brummel!" says Rita some way into the epi' (TV for episode btw). Later on Spike Milligan black/browns up for his part, then opens up his FT. Ironic, as thats what am on deadline for. Quite, quite mad what we used to broadcast. Bleedin' deadlines.

Stubbs over (The Thames) & out.

PS. Alternative title was considering was 'In Slickness & In Stealth'.

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