LC:M wise, yesterday was much:better, and one of the best bits might have well been at the club Tramp. The Rake show was excellent and the venue double glamourous. No point in posting average Stubbs-own shots of collection, so shan't. Rake looked awfully good- more of it another occasion.

Also top of the Brit-Style Merchants was the shoe/dance based performance by Mr.Hare. Been sceptical about dancing runway things- if you remember-ahem, but this worked brilliantly as spotlight light literally on the shoes. The dancing MrHare shoes lit by Jon Hose of Urban Electric were a high-light of the week, as  dancers dropped a handful of different moves in a very posh house near the Mall. Very entertaining, and we've always loved Mr.H's shoes, the blue/lilac blue period particularly inspirational Marc.

YMC show really got me going. Picture doesn't fully tell the Beatnik, Left Bank, Punkish, beret based militant story. It was a great one though. More of that too. Berets are looking particularly good this season it appears. YMCs were made for them by Christies and are like a fruit crush/cap/beret fusion.

Accessory focus: Tramp matches. More hats.

Robert Johnston of GQ, already working the Rive-Gauche Jazz-fishing look, added a spontaneously acquired Bates (I think) beret-fella to his look just before we went down at Tramps. Smashing hat-action outside Czech and Speake.

Stubbs out in The Metropolis- final day.

PS. Bryan Ferragamo has reviewed Monday's shows and is demanding air space. Brace yourselves.

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