I’m not saying fashion’s a boozy lot, but oh the shear, clear, luxury of a day off the source/sauce. London Collections:Men finished Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and with that a respite from the relentless ‘liaison’/precipitation.  I was worried about the descent of people from around the world upon London: Would we pull up satisfactorily? I needn't have done. It barely rained compared to recent form, and as the shows picked up a head of steam as the three days went, there was something for nearly everybody, sort of. London Collections: Men was doing it, you know?

E.Tautz does American Gigolo in London.

Will prove this shortly. Gonna write about the sabre rattling and high spirits that prevailed. But not now.  In Milan hotel room watching Italian dubbed version of The Cosby Show. Living the dream.

Nutters & Peter Worth show at Cafe de Paris does Northern Soul self help workshop

Stubbs out.