Went to the Moschino show last night? In Milan? Got this tea towel/small table cloth? I'm right behind the thinking behind it, especially now in the kitchen. The show was held at the famous Giannino restaurant on Via Vittor Pisani. It's Berlusconi's restaurant that all the major football press announcements tend to get broadcast from. It made an excitingly charged venue once the select fashion lot turned up. Small venue, small capacity. The runway was lined by fully laid tables from which to watch the show. There should be at least one show a day that does that.

It's not particularly good cuisine wise, and there are two menus, one for tourists one for regulars, am told. Very interesting stuff.

The Moschino show was a smashing, racy fashion spectacle and certain moments of the menswear were brilliant. It wasn't my absolute fav' but am mentioning it because the cloth is so cheery in the kitchen.

Moschino AW13 - 'smashing, racey'

Went to see the Rivetti's at Stone Island today. Love the people there dearly, Sabina and Carlo. Love also the catering. I traditionally try coats on. Look at this classic field number with self colour buttons and inner lining thing. Very cinch it was I don't mind telling you. Picture's come out a touch greener than in reality. Was a lovely sandy, ochre colour like paint. Excellent piece.

Some brilliant Shadow Project bits too. Very stealthy. Am going stealthy on an occasion in the future. Watch this space. Stealth it up. Stealth shoe horns is where am going next. But first am stealthing some random Christmas leftover food. Various cheese, various chocolate, an egg... oh wait, thats Easter. Maybe That's what Shaun was going on about. Shaun, over to you?

Stubbs out.

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