I've only gone and over-focused on safari, and it is fact all about the ballet today/tonight. What can I have been thinking? Tried on a couple of actual safari bits yesterday in H&H. Not madly satisfying, massive sizing etc. Accessories far better. Found this on the wall of Purdeys famous long room. Quite sad shot, isn't it. Its not like he wrestled the tiger is it? Cant work out if he's happy or sad about its death. Or maybe its in fact asleep on his feet. Ah, so sweet.

Anyway, I refuse to wear a pith helmet. Surely a Homburg is a suitable compromise between ballet and safari. Am gonna call one in. Other quarry is to be identified. Has anyone visited RRL on Mount Street? Is a really good shop, but an peculiar, non-PR'd concept. Its new vintage style by Ralph Lauren. Mostly very convincing stuff. Very interesting Forties cut suit jacket in there for £800, pants £350. Would have tried that on if I'd had time. Didn't.

This is the chandelier in the Long Room at Purdey. Didn't. Ballet updates to follow.

Holland and Holland cape. I was thinking cape, but still not right for the ballet, no?

Stubbs out.

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