Morning Shoe Fanciers. Maybe its that £15 Romeo J that I toked on while running about town, but am feeling little horse today. Can't let that get in the way of shoe journalism. The 60th anniversary of the Gucci horse bit loafer was celebrated in Florence this week. The shoe made its debut on Aldo Gucci, Guccio Gucci's son in 1953. Imagine being the first bod ever to bust a horse bit on a shoe. One wonders if he doubted the wisdom of the design at any point. 'Dad, do I have to wear these? They're slightly, well, odd frankly..' Little did he know his part in a legacy was kicking off. My editors gonna kick off if I don't pull my finger out a bit. Watch film this and be inspired by it, yeah? Gucci's were alway nice to dance in. And quite good for a sprint too, as I've mentioned before. Gonna get my new pair out for a debut shortly. Please try and remain calm until then, I beg of you.

Stubbs out.

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