Evening cold hunted dress slipper wearers. My it was cold last night outside the Biftas. Some people weren't even allowed coats so I shan't complain about anything. Will say Bally 'Scribe' chocolate/cocoa brown toe cap Oxfords did pretty well in actual sodden rain, especially as they're crocodile/suede. Its the welts don't you know. Notably 'Our Matey of The Box', live from the carpet, just absorbed the hideous cold like it wasn't there. He was in Rake Lounge and Mr.Hare. At least he had a coat. 'Girls were cold in dresses on wet dark red Astro Turf'' would be one brief description of the scene. Might do a Style Ref.

Meanwhile, didn't see too much inspiring mens stuff walking past us. I did like the idea of what Martin Freeman, Halfling-Mod, was wearing. Shawl collar evening coat, shawl collar two-piece royal blue shawl collar suit. Grosgrain shawl collar shoes. Joking. Little tassel loafers (Mod! Mod! Mod!). Tie pin, I liked too. I liked it cos hardly anyone else was even doing anything. Anyway, started to have a couple of doubts today. About proportion and stuff. Thought might give him a yellow. Hmm. Actually, no, back of the net for having a go Frezza. Bafta goal!


Yes he looks like the Major of Moddleton, but at least it has spirit and vigour. Someone told me the suit is Richard James. Must google it. This will probably come up with me saying its probably Richard James. More detailed reports later perhaps.

Stubbs out.