Went to see Onegin last night at The Royal Opera House (click), a truly remarkable and amazing spectacle on all sorts of levels. We were in a box, probably the best slot. Love a box have decided, can get really comfy at the back there. It wasn't a black tie do, so went for something tonal. Rake flannel, Vuitton honey/caramel croc Oxfords, vintage Pucci tie and brown Tautz square. I think its time I mentioned The Croissant. Here it is just minutes before its official London debut.

Not saying a square was born or anything, am sure its been done before, but I'm doing it now. Okay? I conceived it during Milan shows when was dashing out of hotel at breakfast and just halved a square and stuck it in pocket on temporary basis. Realised rather liked its waddy, organic yet quite simple nature. The Croissant. What do you reckon?

Fed up with the thin line pocket style and other deployments can be fussy/silly, but this guy is robust, shows the fabric off nicely and works with wider ties and lapels etc. It has naturally organic creases down it in a couple of places, hence its name. I love it and its easy to do/repeat. One takes a square in the middle point, thus..

...Right? Then fold the blighter roughly half way down, and now you've got two potential 'faces' you could show sticking out your pocket. It doesn't look all that good initially, but once you've stuck the tail bits right down, the croissant swells out in most fetching manner, and can easily re-do if you don't like first go. Easy, right?

No doubt gonna face a slew of pastry detractors. Bring it. Don't care, am already doing it. Expect one on a TV near you any time soon. Below is a shot of the completely battered and worn Pucci tie that I just cant give up. Its even out of shape, but there is something a bit magical and ancient about its colour scheme and pattern. Love the pucci tie. Also below another bite of the croissant. Maybe I should name it The Onegin instead? The ballet deserves its own separate comment.

Stubbs out.

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