Desk jobs are for wimps, right Ernest? Am going in. All the main safari destinations: Holland&Holland, Purdey, some specialist gaff in Shepherds Market, Hamleys and maybe a foray into Ralph country too. Even safari man Hemingway had to downsize his desk while on manoeuvres in the bush. Before work, a breakfast for a real man. Two ostrich eggs, lightly boiled, and a zebra musk machiatto.

Now this is how a real man handles his Derby* problems. Hoist it all in below the belt, chin down, chest/sternum out. Big hat helps too. Look at blondie here, she's in awe. Respect to the great white hunter.

Wonder if Sunspel do safari long-Johns? See ya on Compton if they do.

Stubbs out- in Mayfair/Soho dressed inappropriately.

* Derby Kelly- Belly.

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