It rain/snowed on The Strand, but only mentioned that for the pun of it. Mr.Hare's Orwells on Mr.Grimshaw last night at The Savoy at The Elle Style Awards. It was a Stubbs collaboration. Like the pink Falke sock? We did. Just a dash of punk. Can look good on the young. Which is why we did a slight-flood pant accent on the trouser. Was quite pleased. Clash Black Tie, yeah?

Rake Lounge moss green cotton silk jacket with grosgrain lapels, white marcella Rake Lounge shirt, Lanvin bow tie. Note black silk Evening Croissant. Mr.Grimshaw also wore Gucci black pants with tape seam. Mr.Grimshaw (as they relentlessly say on Mr.Porter) was a pleasure to work with.

Touching how even the deer on the top of the deer DP painting is kissing Nicks cheek. How very fashion. Could bang on about details of look, but shan't at mo. Was pleased with what we came up with style-wise, but he also looked just like Nick, so was double happy.

Stubbs out.

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