Evening British outwear lovers. So styled the Northern lad from the Radio for his pre-Brits bash at Hix Soho restaurant last night. Was pleased. Thought would post the look. Its fresh material at least, no? We went with printed silk DB Rake* suit with MOP buttons, Mr.Hare Thelonius in navy with ostrich upper* (click). Double breasted was apparently de rigueur on Beak.

Look also featured vintage Pucci square in croissant fashion, Topman t-shirt, pink Falke almonds (again). Don't want to be intrusive and post loads of/whole shots. So I'll curb it there.

I'm calling it Riviera Rude-Boy. Did another look for the young chap for tonight. Not telling what thats called, but expect movement. More Brits style action while after it happens.

Stubbs out.

* Rake are opening a store in Duke Street. More of that.

** These were a limited shop run they did and double special. Silence Ferragamo!

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