Alright style-fiends? Am going into the long coat scene big time. Coats as in coat (jacket) of a suit. This one is by McQueen, and isn't really what I mean, but is a good image to start with. I've mentioned longer coats before I think. Eddie Redmayne was wear a Burberry bolero tux at the Biftas the other night. It can't go any further. The whole Bum-Freezer culture is going to come to abrupt end in fashion at some point. In proper tailoring, it maybe already has. Am hoping this turns into a good story.

McQueen AW13

Not gonna say too much more at the mo' as am engaged in the business of investigation. Just spoke to McQueens head cutter, Ritchie Charlton. Not gonna tell you what was said yet, as have embargo pending. Don't you just hate those embargoes? Regardless, its all going to happen.

But, want to talk about proper length jackets and what they can do for real fellas. Talking of real/not real men, am down The Row later if anyone fancies a wrestle and a Stance. Rups, too too busy to do ya shoe envy post as yet. Awfully sorry. Driver...

Stubbs out.

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