Morning fabric fundamentalists. Here's the choice, either shots of the Madre's 83rd birthday lunch from weekend or some of Ami's Spring summer tailoring and a note saying sorry, am a trifle flat out. You decide. Actually, no. I decide.

Really like Ami. Been wearing one of their knits all winter. Indoors, on own, with tracksuit bottoms, so much it's not remotely new any more and not stepped out of house. Shame. Regardless, SS13 tailoring looked and felt double good. Will get some fabric breakdown, but these almost slubby silk mixes with cotton and stuff, have a lovely handle and look. Well nice, non?

Matches and Mr.Portly have both bought it from the git go, so visit those if wanna get involved in a serious level, and actually wear it. They'll also enlighten you as to the designer and etc, so not worth me doubling up.

Quite short jackets, but lovely shoulder going on. Like the styling of the look book too. Will bear that in mind as going round styling a young bloke again later today. It's for the Brits. Might get a spot of Flaneuring in on way to town if get the chance, you never know these days.

Stubbs out.

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