Well hello there international Shoe-Twitchers. The remarkably passionate, engaging and unconventional shoe Grand Dame, Olga Berluti gave me these quite a few years ago. I can't remember what they were called, but they had a name in the little shoe and boot fashion show she put on in Paris on one occasion. Using just feet and legs, I modelled them for her. They were a lovely shape, but a horrid colour. Sort of pea-soup-green/swede-sludge with an accent of potato. I took them to Berluti on Conduit before Christmas for a recolour.

A brilliantly on-it little fella from out the back* worked hard to get the green out as per our conversation, and now look at them. Those leather artisans are darn clever it would appear. Shoes are totally reborn in mahogany and butterscotch, looking quite like what they're up to at the moment in the RTW shoes. They always said they can change customers' shoe colour, and I always meant to test it. Now I have, am thrilled with my Berluti nouveau conker-caramels. Double pleased in fact. Inspired a whole new look for Spring, involving ivory coloured Hardy Amies blazer and a stripey vest from Sunspel. Am certain Olga would approve. Don't expect she receiving much email at mo. One imagines thick walls in that dungeon they've got her in. Bless. More, as, and, when, it, happens.

Stubbs out.

Back in the day: Olga goes for a record, mass-polishing evening

*Out the back at Berluti is now practically the whole shop one notes. It's gone from spacious airy light wood salon with levels and floors and everything, to just a window display and some fellas by a desk in about 15 square feet. Who knows what goes on behind now. Obviously they're gonna Relaunch/Reopen the shop. We wait with baited breath. Talking of breath, will there still be champagne shoe polishing evenings in the new place?

PS. Anyone see the idea for Stance Duels, Live from The Row in the comments on the last post? Just an idea been thrashing about with Rupsy, you know. We could have Bryan as the compere, like Bowie in Zoolander.

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