Morning closet avant garde accessory fanciers. Holding it right down on the accessory front here in Clapton this morning, in copy, if not in ones head. Look at this attache by Goyard. Its like what Bootsy Collins lawyer might carry about when he's holding it down too. Reckon I know how he feels.

Then there's this Pucci fella that just 'won' on The Bay. He's not remotely in line with the thrust of my new pocket handkerchief mission that am supposed to be on. Nice though, no? Like something Tony Hart might have worn late Seventies/early Eighties. Hart was a Ghurka you know. Nothing flouncey about that, yet he loved a pocket fancy and a scarf on occasion. Note. On leaving the 1st Rifles Hart did not hold it down.

Not nearly so exuberant, but equally lovely there's these two silk/linen chaps new from Emma Willis on Jermyn. Believe part of a new range. Awfully good. We are loving those over in the E5, and parts of NW1 I noted.

Its almost like some sort of story is emerging. Not the story I'm actually supposed to be writing though. Oh no. Its happened again. An open and shut case of flamboyant luxury accessory procrastination...must go, Andrew Neil is about to not hold it down either on exactly the matter in hand.

Stubbs out.

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