Afternoon Horo-philes. Met Sir Stirling Moss and his wife Susie at the TAG Heuer Carerra anniversary dinner at The Tate Modern the other night. Fifty years of Carerra don-cha know? A charming, elegant couple. Walked into the place with them, riverside entrance, and was struck by his Nehru collared white shirt. It worked very well indeed as an elevated dinner look without being remotely fussy. I would guess Sir Stirling doesn't do fussy. His suit was a neat little light grey wool number. The shot is blue, but that's how TAG Heuer lit it, liked the stance, so had to lead with it.  I've since spoken to him about his personal style. The man's an undercover innovator.

Sir Stirling during his blue period

The clean look of his tailoring was strikingly low key, both obeying the dress code, but functioning a notch above it. And a bit to the side. Racing driving: In control? Focused? What do you reckon? " My tailor's name is Peter at Dino's in Bangkok. The good thing about Peter is he will make whatever clothing I want and in a very short time. I can guarantee that if I was to go there to be measured for a new suit or some shirts, they would be ready for me within a couple of days.  I like the Nehru style collar because it is comfortable to wear and still looks smart and stylish without having to wear a tie." Lets call it 'International, non-conformist formal'. Heuer was holding it up for Geneva in his three piece, fair enough, but Moss took the black and white flag for Team G.B. Again.

"I've got a new idea for a watch"

Lets talk stripped down sartoria. How can we make this whistle go faster? "I choose not to have buttons on my jacket sleeves so I can wear them regardless of the level of formality. I also only have inside pockets and an outside breast pocket (for my glasses). I never have side-pockets in any of my jackets because it is too tempting to put your hands in them or fill them with rubbish, which then spoils the shape and look."

Suit and leather interior art direction.

This pared-back-background allowed items of  jewellery and detail to function resonantly but under the speed radar. Didn't see his kettle on the night. Didn't want to pry as it were. He had good jewellery on. Gold curb linked bracelet, rounded. While discussing a vintage Mercedes Moss had driven that was being exhibited by IWC in Geneva, Susie pulled out from underneath the pin-tucked and IWC compass that was worn under the Nehru on a gold chain. Looked like an albert chain from the link. Only because of CP Company history I actually knew he won the Mille Miglia in that Merc. Holds the record. He holds others. "The lapel pin I always wear is the British Racing Drivers' Club badge, but mine has a star with a diamond in it to signify my 10 (ten) years as British Champion."

Sterling work.

Need to find a Chopard Mille Miglia to put up in this space here. Can't find. Will research.

"My watch is a Chopard. I have had a stainless steel (now gold) watchband since 1952.  In those days cars were inclined to be greasy and oily and as I was unable to clean a leather strap I decided to have one made that I would be able to wash.  Chopard to my mind are one of the finest watches available and I rarely wear anything else. I have always worn my watch on my right wrist, ever since, as a 15-year-old, I used a punch ball. I am partially left-handed and favoured my left fist to punch with and on one occasion my watch flew off and broke!" Thought from a distance he was wearing Ferragamo Gancino suede loafers. They weren't, they were from his own source he candidly told me, from where he gets a discount for buying them in four pairs at a time. Susie and Sir Stirling were effortlessly enjoying themselves. And we didn't talk about Chopard all night, especially as it was TAG Heuer's bash. Must get a nice picture of a Mille Miglia and drop it in here.

Moss casually celebrating winning the 1957 Pescara Gran Prix with car designer Tony Vanderwell.

Loving Stirling's work stylistically. No pocket square required for this man. More as and when it happens. Gotta go. Having a shufty at what constitutes West London Saturday culture shortly. It's a sort of an experiment. Look wise am thinking of working "one of Woody Allen's well off mates in NYC circa 1982"as a rough mood-phrase. What do you reckon?

Stubbs out.

Moss and Juan Manuel Fangio relaxing into the swing.