Evening Style Fanatics. Research has been the name of the game today/yesterday, hence relative radio silence. If was to post an international mens label SS13 five aside challenge tonight, it would be Piombo vs Ami. But not gonna do that, as last time I did a shoe five aside on line, it mobilised an elite contingent of the mens style football/footwear loonies in Europe and crashed the site I was working for, bless 'em. Regardless, tonight, let us consider Piombo.

Waiting for more information on collection as didnt see it in Pitti, where I think is shown. I thought it was called MP Piombo for a bit, because of some industrial/political scenario. Will become apparent soon. Regardless, I recognise Piombo for work with sports jackets, particularly well conceived smart casual style, an excellent policy on fabrics and an obsession with bearded models.

Would have like to have seen more of this sort of piece, noting Piombo are torso forte merchants. Great colour scheme and am madly interested in what that fabric is.

Not the most summery of SS collections, but the Panama's flags up the season, surely? Panama's are on my thing radar. Found loads of good ones. More of those later.

Goes quite trad/flouncy artist in places this collection, no? Tony Hart on tour in The Riviera on a water colour painting holiday perhaps.

Gotta leave this musing now. Going back in. In deep.

Stubbs out.

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