Morning baggage-ganderers. Not gonna put the full collection up, just a soupcon, but am rather liking these bits from one of Globe-Trotter's new launches, the Propellor line. Ivory cotton twill from the Limonta mill, and 'whisky' bridal leather from their new factory in Hoddesdon, Herts. Gold hardware working nicely along with a jolly looking logo dating from 1912.

Get filthy quick perhaps? Depends what you're doing with it, as ever. This level of luxury product does suggest you're not hitch hiking round Cornwall with it, no? Besides, has an anti-static, water repellant coating that makes it mark resistant. I like this stuff. It nods to the vintage looks of their Safari line of cases. Its interesting that is foray into luxury is not on Globe Trotters normal terms. They pretty much invented their other arena, and naturally do very well in it. Note production of cases up 50% to 300/week last year. This is a new area for them, but people are sucking the brand up on a global level. The holdall £1250 and wash-bag £250 pictured are best pieces, but tool rolls is interesting too, if not luxe for such a thing.. Good start I say, but it'll all need testing, naturally.

There's another line called Jet. You'll have to wait for that one. Do your level best to keep 'self occupied. I'm very keen on this style arrangement below for a case in cocoa with burgundy trim. A limited edition no less. Meanwhile, both Propellor and Jet launch fro London shop April 8th. Globe-Trotter's web site seems off colour right now. More luggage news later, as and when it happens.

Stubbs out.