Afternoon pocket stuffers. This guy is a linen cotton mix from Drakes (click), hand rolled and with a shoe-string border. Its 33cm square, which equates to quite small in real pocket terms (a recent style merchant enquired on sizing you see). A dusty brick red colour works very well with the faint lilac hue of the edging, making it good for a pointed based deployment, although there's enough of it to work as a small croissant style arrangement. I can tell you much more at this stage.

I can suggest the texture and subdued-but-palatable colour would work well with navy or darker grey suit, possible some more warmer summer shades too, even cream or ivory. This square fella has a tactile honesty about it that am enjoying no end this Monday lunchtime, rather like a nice slice of linen/bresaola.

Stubbs out.

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