Morning Style-Bloodhounds. Been thinking about pocket handkerchiefs yeah, or pocket squares as we've re-named them, American style. My colleagues and I in style&fashion have been responsible for an almost tyrannical campaign of pocket square nazism. "Must be this sort, must do it like this, must call it that.." etc. Oh yes, pretty controlling stuff, and I'm well guilty of it. Well, now am going at the subject with a fresh outlook for various reasons. Gonna think like a straight up (but stylish) man on the street, bless him. Gonna free myself of  this self perpetuated pocket propaganda. Lets start pocketing-up like real men. Unfussy and without fear of reprisal. That said, will ya just look this delightful Hermes print? Love to throw that into a Jermyn Street Peony, pocket it and prance about...

Hermes square, live on the e-bay as I type, for about £100 (click)

Sorry men. Lost it there for a second. Its the vintage Hermes print and all. As I say, gonna try and get real on the pocket handkerchief scene. Got some smashing ones in from Anderson&Sheppard this morning, cotton linen/mix, low key and so, so elegant. Plus one right horror-show camo' number that a close conspirator of mine pointed out as a preferred one. Shan't say to much for now, but Agent Massey, I'd keep that penchant quiet if I were you. Anyway, aside from the Fendi and Hermes flamboyance that was looking at last night. Its back to proper basics and moving from there. In all directions. At once. Like this cotton handkerchief three pack from Brookes Bros. (click).

These are a lovely little set, no? £30. Also Irish white linen ones for £65 (click) . See, told ya could hold it down. Right, finished, am free, and am off down Jermyn to touch some cloth, as Mr. Humphreys used to say (click).

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

Fendi cotton printed option on its way from Japan. Less expensive than a bowl of Cecconis pasta and black truffle oil, but twice as gay.