Afternoon leisure-fans. Bryan's breakfast and a slim gold watch on a bracelet. That's pretty much where my thinking's at right now. Although visions of breakfast in the sunshine distract a man from the matters in hand, before I leave for the Subcontinent next week I will be exploring the idea of resort wear and watches to go. This aint the watch, or the gear, but its the right mood.

Neat Western shirt with smart pants, sleeves rolled up. Thick hair, thin cut necklace and thick cut marmalade.  That is a way to do leisure. Ferry had already polished off a whole jar of before the shot was taken. That's what I call living the dream. Saw some amazing new resort style pieces from Orlebar Brown on Friday. Not sure which bits, if any to show you yet. It's Umbongo'd for now. Expect more, on this channel, as and when possible.

Stubbs out.

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