Morning Resurrection Merchants. Upon arriving in a major city, before unpacking, or even checking in,  I prefer to head straight for a makeshift freelance locksmiths. Mumbai is no exception. The frightfully helpful  Globe-Trotter people have been kind enough to lend me a smart, black medium-large case to 'test' on our trip to the sub continent. My infallible  jean ticket pocket key storage procedure appeared flawed on this occasion. I blame over zealous epauletted Heathrow accessory interventionists, but that, is another story...As The nearest G-T dealer was Delhi, I left The Luxury Missus reading Antoine Laurain and perspiring in her in-flight N.Peal by the pool, and travelled by motor rickshaw to a back street working district of town tipped as hopeful by my Mumbai contacts. Nothing beats a practical mission in a new city to get your integration up and running. Until you've visited the iron mongery district and run its perimeters you simply don't know a place.
My Mumbaidian, non-speaking guide took me to a workshop down dusty sunlit paths - competing for space with gangs of air conditioning units. They specialise in case handle repair and reconditioned trolley recycling. I plotted in the sun by a white marble crucifix, garlanded with orange flowers and leaking engine oil from its base, and settled in with a Romeo J, happy to be at least addressing key-loss head on.
Anticipating significant case surgery, possibly involving (gulps) lock-plasty, I was elevated to multiple finger slaps of joy when matey- in-check-in-charge having fumbled around in a pile of emptied fiddling metal bits and keys emerged after five minutes with a key. Bent, customised, distinctly non-standard, it opened the lock. Everyone seemed pleased. I was thrilled. Gotta love a positive improptu-luggage integration -know would have struggled in LDN for the same service. Bravo Mumbaidian bag operatives and thank you kindly .
So, the case report thus far: am very keen on the size, the operation of packing big and flat then sitting on the lid to close, and the locking system with straps. However defo' need an extending handle to walk in Car Shoes up-right/without stooping. Currently the orang-utan waddle this model solicits from me is severely holding back my travel stance. Breaking Trotter news is that the ones with the wheelie extender-handle will have that component made from wood from now on, not a horrid composite black plastic thing. Phew, yeah. People near the carousel in Mumbas liked the case a lot from the comments it garnered. I liked the look of the case on roof of our taxi too. The L.M. liked the case far much better once flung open and spewing bikinis and fancy shoes. I think I fancy the grey with burgundy straps/trim/corners when I finally purchase him but am also going straight on the ebay when I get a wi-fi signal to hunt for second-hand options. Having benefited from the pre-aged press loan cases on an incongruity level. Spanking new would be double wrong look in so, so many ports.
Stubbs is out of the usual Metropolis.