Morning Loafing-Aficionados. Stayed in the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai for one blissful night last week. For some reason they upped our status and stuck us in one of their domes no less. Out of the blue. A bit of luck, no?

Literally we were in that dome on the left hand corner of the building overlooking the sea. We could have thrown a banquet in there if we'd had any friends, the room had the facilities. And a butler. The Luxury Missus and I were thrilled. Will dig out some more shots in situ shortly. The stairs and halls were glorious. So was our dome. So was the pool. We wept luxury tears as we left.

It was my new 1953's India Gucci snaffle-bit debut too. Small, but there. The guys below in canvas might be more suitable for the climate, but in the Palace, all was cool.

Stubbs out.

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